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- Unique and low-cost
- Diagnostic tests and teacher/student resources
- 1 STOP Wholesale first aid kits & supplies
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-first aid purchase over $500

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NEW 2018 Gel Technology OUT NOW!

2018 First Aid Kits


Our National Safework Kits are available in:
FAWC Wall Cabinets, FACP Case Premium, FABPP/FABPD backpacks FABM / FAML kit boxes.
General Kits

Small Essential Kit
For glovebox, classrooms,
short excursions ...

Bum Bag Essential Kit
For yard duty, classrooms, short excursions ...

Small Travel / Work Kit
Based on Safework Code

Sport Kit -Small
Personal, small team ...

All our workplace kits meet the National Code of Practice and follow easy setup and use:

Essential Work Kit
Meets all core content
listing recommendations

Comprehensive Work Kit

Meets core plus add-on Burns, Outdoor & Remote module recommendations. 

Large Education Kit
Includes National Safework Comprehensive kit (burns, outdoor & remote modules) in Case Deluxe, Bag Trauma, Box Large, Backpack Deluxe / Trauma or wall cabinet
(see containers below).

Sports Kit - Large
For teams and clubs.

Home Off-Road/Work Kit
Very comprehensive kit for home, workplaces & when remote travel may feature.

- Our banking details have changed:
BSB: 805050   Account No.: 102320738
Account Name: Waddington Educational Resources Pty Ltd
PayID: wadd@wadd.com.au
We're now with People's Choice Credit Union

- ONLINE SPECIAL 30% DISCOUNT on Adhesive Tape Micropore 2.5cm in dispenser - Code ATPD2.5

- FREE Basic First Aid Notes
- 1st June 2018 update with diabetes, bleeding management & snake bite updates.
- Raffle Ticket Machine V3.51 2018 Update now here
- NEW 2018 Snake bite bandage
 BCSB10 10cm x 10.5m with indicator for pressure application See image  
- SNAKE RISKS - Safety tips
- NEW 2018 Reusable Ice Gel Packs View details
- 2018 Communication Books now updated to 2023
- AUSTRALIA POST increases - over 30% since our 2012 set prices, force us to adjust our mid and upper flat rate charges by a few dollars. No increase for orders under $40.
- NEW BVLD Vomit Bag Dispensers $52.95 +$5.30GST
- NEW 10in1 Emergency Survival Tool  View details
Included FREE in Education & Safework Comprehensive Kits!
- NEW Australian Standards Hi-Vis Vests with/without First Aid print. Do your safety garments meet the new Code?
SPECIAL 25% DISCOUNT for no-print vests!
- NEW INNOVATIVE KITS First Aid Kit Container Range

- FREE First Aid Record Book Download Now
- NEW First Aid Spray Antiseptic
50ml (Code AS50) multipurpose - minor stings, itches, rashes and now burns!
- FABA Badges and FAAB arm bands
- FAB First Aid Banner 2mL x .5mH commercial grade vinyl, for outdoor first aid stations View more detail
- FASR Sticker Sets -3M Reflective vinyl or FAS non-reflective weather-proof sets: 1 x First Aid Kit & 2 x striping stickers.
- FARP First Aid Record Pad A5 pad with carbon pages.
- NEW Easy Splint unique application (Code SPLE).
NEW HS Hand Sanitiser low cost alcohol-free antibacterial, pump bottles, wall dispensers View more detail
- LOW COST Asthma Spacers from $7.95ea (Code AS) Reusable quality at a disposable price to support plans. View
It is very important to have adequate first aid resources.

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FREE FOR 2018 - Communication Books for ALL States updated to 2023 - FREE with any ebook purchase on USB and also FREE in our eLibrary for past Reading & Spelling Test ebook customers! (Simply click the interactive link on p130 in your Reading & Spelling Tests ebook) Please note these latest 2018 files contain adjustments to past files due to holiday changes.

Each level - 24 eReaders - 2 sets Level 0 or 1 only $139.95ex / $153.95 inc GST
Both levels - 48 eReaders - All 4 sets only $249.95 / $274.95 inc GST Supplied on disk.
*Some interactive elements may be restricted on Apple iOS - apps are evolving to meet interactive demands **Average Reading Age level - colours used by our Reader Express program

NEW 3rd Edition Update 1 Waddington Diagnostic Standard & Advanced Reading and Spelling Tests 1 & 2

Now with Support Materials Update - New Alphabet Cards!
This new 2017 update includes the new Waddington second edition alphabet cards - all new stunningly beautiful alphabet clues in full photographic colour and line art versions in addition to the classic materials. You will also find our new updated Sounds ready-reckoner chart as well as the alphabet ready-reckoner for student desks and playing Alphabet Bingo. This new update also comes with a free copy of our Second Edition Exploded Dictionary ebook allowing students to be truly emersed in words, including established texting and online terms. This update also provides a link to additional free resources in the Waddington eLibrary as well as an additional professional learning update certificate. The new student alphabet cards provided in this update match the same picture clues presented in our new full colour early learning student hardcopy Word Books.

With governments constantly changing curriculum focus, expectations and methodologies that come and go, it is good to know there is a proven approach valued by thousands of schools and teachers that you can always count on. Representing 3 decades of growth, updated norms, refreshed standard reading tests 1 & 2, all new digitized illustrations, new advanced reading tests 1 & 2 and new advanced spelling test components that will accurately identify reading and spelling ages from 5 years of age through the teenage years to adult, reflecting proven core modes of English teaching and learning. Trials approved by every Australian state Department of Education across a large accurately balanced skill sample of thousands of participants across all states. Includes new teenage student case examples and much more. Inclusive of current National Australian Curriculum objectives as well as 'back to basics'. 2012 with 2017 support materials update. Click here for more detailed information. Click here to Order eBksSoftware
Replace your old tests with this new ebook PDF document now as your standards will not be valid unless they are derived from this new edition. Be assured we will not be revising these new norms for at least 10 years so this new edition will last that long! Highly recommended and widely used by educationalists across Australia & world-wide. We have kept a single teacher price low (CODE RSTT $89.95+$9.00GST) for use by an individual teacher in his/her classroom and introduced a physical site price (CODE RSTS $149.95+$15.00GST) to reflect situations where schools may place the ebook on a central server and allow staff within the school to access it, even on iPads and other mobile devices! Reproductions permissible under Educational Statutory Licence. Price includes free eresources ($500 value) including School Data Express software + training movies for automating all your testing data, auto graphing and many, many other varied classroom needs. *Free eresources only available if your ebook and disk is purchased directly from us. Please choose individual teacher only or whole school registration carefully. If individual/single teacher registration ordered with other ebooks, without further instructions, it will be deemed all ebooks purchased are to be registered/stamped to the individual teacher. If site registration is ordered with other ebooks, without further instructions, it will be deemed all ebooks purchased are to be registered/stamped with the site/school name.

Waddington Diagnostic Mathematics Testing eBooks

eBook Editions now available. 48 diagnostic tests in 3 ebooks covering such an extensive scope and sequence that you will be able to quickly and accurately find and assess individual student strengths and weaknesses. Once you start using our tests, you'll soon discover 3, 4 or 5 tests per year will provide far more accurate results and better learning outcomes. Compared to our old hardcopy versions, these new ebooks have better 1:1 scaling of diagrams and regular minor updates. Answer books available for ebooks 1-15 and 16-30 which now present coloured answers for faster marking and easier recognition. Book 31-48 includes detailed answers in the back. Struggling students generally have a poor grasp of basic concepts, Tests 1-15 cover a wide range of basic concepts. Also useful for gifted/talented programs. Click here for Grade/Age/Test Guide. Book 1-15 and 16-30 $39.95ea ex / $43.95ea inc GST. Book 31-48 $59.95ea ex / $65.95ea inc GST. Click for more information. Click here to Order

Waddington's Early Years Student Classic 1st Edition Word Book
FREE 2018 Download! Create your own little Word Books for students using this free eBook master file!

The best things in life can be free and you'll find our little student eBook to be just the resource for students to help compile and retrieve words used in their writing activities. Creating greater learner independence, these Word Books have been used successfully by thousands of students. Not only are common words included, but an exclusive Sounds page provides students with an explicit visual cross-reference to main phonic combinations. Efficiently set out for copying to A4, only 7 sheets per student needed for A6 size, there's never been a better time for all to treasure their own Word Book. Go to Download Area.

Eye & Ear Testing Pack 2nd Edition

Second edition update to our original Eye and Ear Testing Pack. Contains 6 vision tests, 6 hearing tests, Irlen overlays and a re-written support manual keeping up with the times. Includes both Long and Near Vision Test Charts and updated norms from in-school testing of 290 students from an R-7 government school in South Australia. eBook also available (eBook option does not include Irlen overlays) More Info here.

Click here to Order

Rated  5/5 by Filetransit
Advanced Book Levelling
VERSION 2 NOW HERE! New 2nd Ed. Alphabet Cards in Flashcard Machine!

FREE Flashcard Machine + FREE easy read Waddington Primer font!
AUSTRALIA'S MOST COMPREHENSIVE AND ADVANCED LEVELLING SYSTEM! Reader Express makes you the expert in levelling texts, organising your school's reading book sets and matching 'best books' to students according to their reading age. You may also find deficiencies and/or over supply of sets/titles in your school at each year/age level. Print professional lists, book labels and flash cards. Easily create readability book boxes, e-reader sets for individual student mobile devices and individualised reading programs. Save and recall selections for any class, group or student. Adjust level colours, even the levels themselves! Detailed bench-marking and case examples in the Help section. View 2min presentation or download now. View feedback. 
Click here to Order

CVC Resource Book 1 CVC Resource Book 2 CVC Resource Book 3 CVC Resource Book 4 CVC Resource Book 5 CVC Resource Book 6

Click to see more 2 letter Initial Sounds Resource Book 1 2 Letter Initial Sounds Resource Book 2 2 letter Initial Sounds Resource Book 3 Click to see more

C-V-C Spelling Resource eBooks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 - The critical stage of phonics after learning the letters and the sounds they make (see Alphabet Resource Book)


The next stage of Australia's most explicit phonic based reading and spelling program after c-v-c coverage
2 Letter Initial Sounds eBooks 1, 2 & 3
Click here to Order

Set of 6 ebooks covering the vital CVC (Consonant - Vowel - Consonant) stage of written language development. They directly aid student transition from understanding the alphabet sounds and symbols to learning basic three letter, phonetically regular, words. Graded pages for students of all abilities. Even difficult student cases will develop substantial skills using this program.
Packed with technology making, puzzles, matching tasks, crosswords, mazes etc...
Each ebook has approx. 48 pages. $29.95ea ex / $32.95ea inc GST. Click to Order

Set of 3 ebooks covering the two letter initial sound blends in words. Progresses students from the CVC stage (see below) to more complex words with similar beginnings. Graded pages for all abilities. Even very difficult student cases will develop substantial skills using this program. Clear, sensible illustrations which are welcoming to children. More info here.  76p ea. $36.95ea ex / $40.65ea inc GST.

Coach Express - Netball


Coach Express is what netball coaches have been waiting for. If you are a netball coach, at any level, you will find Coach Express to be your all-in-one season team management tool. It even incorporates a unique real time game action capture device that you can use in the field and view detailed statistics any time during the game. Once the game is finished, all your statistics are ready to analyse and share automatically with team members via the inbuilt print and email facility.

Used by 2 state league teams in Australia - click here to learn more about this exclusive program. Click here to Order

V3.51 2018 UPDATE!
- Faster processing
- New ticket & cover creation scripting
- Additional memory handling
- Multilanguage support
- Add more info to ticket butts
- Print straight run covers
- Import data to sellers' database
- Add prefixes to numbering
- Better help and PDF creation
- Print 2, 3, 4 or 10 tickets/page

Alphabet Resource Book
Hardcopy or eBook - Your choice!

Easy Raffle Ticket Software Program
Used by 100s of Schools, Clubs and Other Organisations!

Inspire and assist students, of all abilities, to effectively and efficiently learn the alphabet. In particular, this program develops letter writing and sounding skills. Packed with craft and technology based activities as well as graded worksheets for every letter. Hardcopy is all black and white but eBook has many coloured pages (as shown above) so that you can choose to reproduce in colour or black and white under Educational Statutory Licence.
Many years in the making. A must for anyone faced with teaching students alphabet and early written language skills.
108 pages. $39.95ex/$43.95 inc GST. Click Teaching Resources to order.

Create your own easy, low cost, custom made, professional, raffle books! Automates all aspects of ticket and book creation to cutting/stapling. Click image or here to see more. Download here and use in demo mode. You can be using this easy program in minutes. Registration only AUD$59.95ex / $65.95 inc GST. Click Teaching Resources to order registration, CD and/or paper. Perforated paper available in bulk packs to make your tickets look and feel even more professional! Click for more info. Click here to Order

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Customer Guarantee
Our Customer Guarantee allows for goods in original condition to be returned within 7 days if unsuitable and a full refund will be provided covering the product cost. Does not apply to software where full demos are provided and an unlock code is obtained. We will replace anything faulty including computer software.

Due to economic forces, prices may be subject to change without notice and some brands and/or specifications may alter slightly from those shown. As schools pay very little GST, most prices listed also show the ex price. 10% GST is added to freight and fees. No GST on exported goods. GST lists on Tax Invoice.  Overseas orders do not pay Australian GST on goods.

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