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Similar to lifesaving tools fitted to life jackets and life rafts for land, sea and air use. Combined torch and whistle, with additional life saving features. Military grade high decibel whistle, reflective mirror and ultra bright LED for attracting attention in an emergency. Precision optics fire starter magnifying glass, thermometer and compass. This professional instrument is manufactured by a world-wide optical instruments company.

This multipurpose survival tool is now included at no additional charge in all our Safework Australia Comprehensive and Education First Aid Kits!

1. High visibility orange outer for sea, land and air use.
2. Military grade high decibel whistle for attracting attention.
3. Reflector mirror for attracting visual attention, especially overhead aircraft/helicopters.
4. Precision optics fire starting magnifying glass.
5. Sealed water-proof internal compartment for medications, notes etc..
6. Replaceable 2 x CR2016 3V Lithium Batteries (Included - worth over $8 alone)
7. Ultra Bright LED Torch , 10,000 hrs life, 20LM brightness to 20m range, 5hrs continuous use.
8. Compass (magnetic)
9. Thermometer (degrees celsius) -20 to 50+
10. Lanyard, nylon, for wearing around neck or attaching to backpack etc..

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